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Benefits of Swap & Drop

If you are a Legacy member, you have probably heard of Swap & Drop; but you may find yourself asking questions like “what is swap & drop?” or “am I eligible for this?” These, along with other questions, are very important to ask when it comes to our premier refinance opportunity. To help you be better informed, we sat down with members of our Centralized Lending team to help answer some questions about Swap & Drop.


What is Swap & Drop?

Swap & Drop is more than just a catchy name. It is “an annual promotion in which our members, and those who are not yet members, can ‘swap’ their current auto loan that is financed at another institution, and refinance with Legacy at a better rate” said JoLyn Berry, Assistant Vice President of Centralized Lending.


What can I use Swap & Drop for? Does it only have to be used for cars?

Berry noted that “while the ‘low as 5.50%’ rate is only for car loans, Legacy has very competitive rates on all types of loans.”  Members can take advantage of a refinance options for other recreational vehicles such as their boats, RV’s, or many other options.


If I am not swapping, can I still take advantage of Legacy’s best rate?

Even if you are not looking to “swap” from your current loan provider that does not mean you cannot capitalize on Legacy’s best rate for a new loan. Click here to see our current rates.


Is there any other information I should know about Swap & Drop?

“Applying for a Legacy loan is quick and easy” said Berry. “It can be done online or in a branch, whichever is most convenient for you. We pride ourselves on great service and strive to have an answer for you as quickly as possible.”


To learn more about our Swap & Drop promotion, check our Swap & Drop page. If you have any additional questions please email [email protected].

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