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Share Savings Accounts

Start saving for the future with just a $5 deposit. A Share Savings Account is essentially a regular savings account, and it provides a hassle-free way to save.

Enjoy competitive rates and personalized service. Open an account today and take the first step toward your financial goals.

A couple smiles as they check their regular savings account balance on their tablet.

Benefits of a Share Savings Account:

Easy to Open

Get started with a $5 initial deposit to open your Share Savings Account.

Earn Interest

Your money earns competitive interest (dividend) rates to help it grow over time.

Access Anywhere

Easily manage your account through our secure online portal or user-friendly mobile app.

No Monthly Fees

Keep more of your hard-earned money with no monthly maintenance fees.

Share Savings Account Details

Our savings account is more than just a safe place to park your money and earn interest. It’s the foundation of your Legacy Credit Union membership and gateway to financial growth in Birmingham, Alabama.

Even though it’s called a Share Savings Account, it works as any other regular savings account.

Features include:

  • $5 to open—Easily open your regular savings account with a minimum $5 deposit.
  • Competitive Dividend Rates—Earn more on your savings with our attractive interest rates.
  • Access to Great Loan Rates—Benefit from great loan rates as part of your membership.
  • Free Checking—Enjoy the convenience of free checking as a Legacy member.
  • Required for Membership—All members must have a Share Savings account.
  • Federally Insured—The NCUA insures each account up to $250,000.
  • Better Investment Product Rates—Access better rates on CDs, Money Market Funds, and more, designed to help your money grow.

By opening an account, you’re stepping into a world of financial opportunities tailored to support your goals.

A woman checks activity in her basic savings account from her laptop.

Legacy Credit Union Regular Savings Rates

Click below to view our incredibly competitive rates. Start saving and earning more today!

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Open a Share Savings Account in Three Easy Steps!

Apply Now

Apply Now

Open your account online or visit one of our branches to get started.

Deposit $5

Deposit $5

Make an initial $5 deposit to fund your new regular savings account.

Start Saving

Start Saving

Begin growing your savings by making automatic or recurring deposits.



“Very friendly and focused on outstanding customer service.”

– Frederick S., Birmingham, Alabama

Share Savings Accounts FAQs

Our Share Savings Account is the same as a traditional savings account. At Legacy, we use the term “share” because this savings account represents your share of the credit union as a member and part owner.

Even though they work as regular savings accounts, Share Savings Accounts normally offer higher interest rates, lower minimum to open, and fewer fees than the savings accounts offered by other financial institutions.

This account is your gateway to becoming a member of our credit union and enjoying all the benefits that come from being a member and part owner.

We provide various financial solutions, including Money Market Accounts, Share Certificates, and specialized club accounts. Contact us for more details.

You’ll need a valid government-issued ID and social security number to open an account.

Yes, you can do both! It’s handy for joint financial objectives or managing family funds.

Yes, you are required to keep just your initial $5 membership deposit in your regular savings account, also known as a share savings account, through the life of your membership.

No. Your deposits at Legacy are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), not by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Take the Next Step and Open a Share Savings Account Today:

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