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We are committed to fulfilling our member’s financial needs.



Values-based banking starts with being transparent. That’s why we’ve made our fee schedule available so that our members never get blind sighted by unwanted fees or charges. If you have any questions or need additional resources, please get in touch with us at (205)930-5000.

Account Fees Amount
Account Research Fee Per Hour $10.00
Account History Printout (per page) $1.00
Account Statement Photocopy (per page) $1.00
ACH Fees  Amount
ACH Stop Pay $32.00
ATM Fees Amount
Non-LCFCU ATM Transaction** $3.00
Non-LCFCU ATM Inquiry/Denial** $1.00
ATM Research Fees: Amount
View video footage from LCFCU ATM $10.00
View video footage from Foreign ATM $25.00
Checking Account Fees: Amount
Business Checking $10.00
Preferred Money Market $5.00
Everyday Checking FREE
Engage Checking $10.00

When qualifications are not met

NSF/Stop Pay/Courtesy Pay $32.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer $3.00
Photocopy of Check $6.00
Counter Check (per page) $2.00
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal $10.00
VISA Credit Card Fees: Amount
Card Replacement Fee $25.00
Late Payment Fee $25.00
Photocopy of Draft $6.00
Returned check on payment $25.00
Other credit card fees may apply. Please refer to the credit card agreement.
Debit Card Fees  Amount
Card Replacement $10.00
Photocopy of Draft $10.00
NSF/Courtesy Pay $32.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee $3.00
Deposit Item Return Fees Amount
All Accounts $10.00
Loan Fees: Amount
Late Charge 5% of payment due
Minimum Late Charge $.50
Open end add on under $50.00 $1.00
Money Orders $2.00
Cashier’s Checks/Official Checks $2.00
Share Account Fees: Amount
Below par share amount (monthly charge) $2.00
Excessive withdrawals over 3 $1.00
Dormancy (monthly charge) – after one year of inactivity $5.00
Phone Inquiry Fee (per call) $1.00
Wire Transfer $10.00
Shared Branch Fees: Amount
All transactions other than deposits & payments $1.00
Money orders/Official & Cashier’s Checks $2.00
Deposited Items (16 or more, per item) $.20

**Does not include fees imposed by ATM owner.

***Fee can be eliminated with e-statement enrollment and debit card usage.


Fees and service charges are accurate as of 6/13/2024 and are subject to change without notice.

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