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She Was Homeless

We helped her become a homeowner.

We all know someone who has suffered from the power of addiction. Addiction steals lives and, even more so, hope. Rachel was an addict who was broken, both in money and in spirit. Yet her story is one not of despair, but one of inner strength. We at Legacy are proud to have played our small part.

While still in a sober living facility, Rachel resolved to overcome her addiction. Upon gaining employment, Rachel knew that her next step was to gain the tools to manage her financial life.  However, based on her past history, most financial institutions refused to help her even open a checking account. So Rachel turned to Legacy. According to her, we treated her like valued member despite her circumstances. To us, it was simply the right thing to do.

Slowly over time, Rachel gained the strength to enjoy independence once again. With our help, she rebuilt her credit—and a good bit of self-confidence as well. Recently, she became a homeowner for the first time. She claims that Legacy makes her feel as if someone gave her a million dollars. The way we see it, Rachel’s inner strength and perseverance makes her one of the richest people we know.

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