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Community Leadership and Service

At Legacy, we seek to be loyal, authentic, sustainable, personal, and local. We try to live these every day in our daily life and work. After all, if one isn’t willing to serve, then one isn’t capable of leading.

Joseph McGee, our CEO, loves his job. Why? Because he believes in helping others. Not only helping our members enjoy better, more prosperous lives, but helping the Birmingham region live up to its enormous potential. As a result of his leadership, Legacy is committed to being an agent of change through better financial services, through supporting our community with a host of efforts, and by being a good and enthusiastic corporate citizen.

Mr. McGee, sets the tone for how we treat our members and how we make Birmingham at better place. His vision makes us a stronger credit union. In turn, that allows us to show our members the way when it comes to enjoying happier, more prosperous lives.

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