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A Teacher of Men

Meet Lawrence Sheffield, founder of Magic City Woodworks. He teaches valuable carpentry skills to the unemployed, giving them new hope for a better life. Lawrence’s lessons embrace how to be a good worker, not just the work itself.

Every day, men arrive in his workshop. Under his guidance, his students take the tools of woodworking and do something amazing. They work the raw wood and slowly, patiently shape it into objects of beauty and utility. More importantly, sometime in the process, they remake themselves. They begin as novices and end as men who know more than a trade. They know self-reliance and the self-confidence that comes from mastering a craft—not to mention their own futures.

After Lawrence teaches them to earn a living, Legacy teaches how to manage the money they earn. We invest time in showing  how to create a budget, and how to build financial strength. After all, when we help create self-reliant individuals, we help build a stronger community.

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