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Savings Challenges: Turning Thriftiness into a Game

Embarking on a journey to financial wellness doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At Legacy, we believe that saving money can be more than a routine; it can be a fun challenge. In this blog, we invite you to embrace a new perspective, one that transforms the act of saving into an engaging and enjoyable adventure. We’ll explore creative savings challenges and games that not only add a sense of excitement into your financial routine, but also inspire a lasting commitment to building a solid financial future. So, join us as we navigate through three gamified approaches to savings, where every penny saved becomes a victory and every financial goal achieved is a win in your personal financial game.


The 52-Week Challenge 

Start with a small contribution in week one and increase it by a dollar each week. So in week one, you save $1. In week two, you save $2. So on and so forth. By week fifty-two, you would be saving $52. You may think that this seems like a small task and may not amount to much. But if we do this, you will save a total of $1,378.

People typically start the challenge at the beginning of the year, as it’s easier to keep a track of the weeks and can be thought of as a New Year’s resolution. However, of course, you can start the challenge whenever it is most convenient for you. 

There are also different variations of this game.

  • You can start the challenge in reverse order. This means you contribute $52 in the first week and reduce the amount by $1 in each subsequent week, making your contribution in the last week (52nd week) only $1. Some do this because many major holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween) fall in the second half of the year, and naturally, holiday seasons are often financially tighter.
  • Make the stakes higher and increase your weekly contribution by $2 instead of one. This implies you start with $2 in the first week, $4 in the second week, $6 in the third, and so on. By the end of 52 weeks, you would have saved $2,756. Similarly you can stretch it even further and start with $3 in the first week and increase it by $3 every week. This way you would have $4,134 at the end of 52 weeks. The exact increment is a personal choice. You can make the challenge as difficult as you’d like to match your individual capacity.


Round-Up Rumble

For this challenge all you have to do is link your debit or credit card to an app that rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar, saving the spare change. The challenge is to beat your previous month’s roundup total, turning everyday spending into a competitive and rewarding game. 

This challenge is already possible for Legacy members thanks to Incentive Savings. With Incentive Savings from Legacy Credit Union, it takes all of your round up spare change and places it into a savings account that is directly linked to your Everyday or Engage Checking account. The best part is this account draws a 5.00% Annual Percentage Yield on balances up to $1,000. This allows you to save more money as you begin competing with yourself.


The Reverse Savings Race

Start with a set savings goal and a timeframe. Challenge yourself to find innovative ways to reach that goal faster than expected. The competitive element can turn saving into an exciting race against the clock.

For example, let’s say you are wanting to save up for a down payment on a car. For many people the rule of thumb is at least 20% for a new car and 10% for a used one. For the sake of this argument you’re wanting to save for a new car. The average cost starts at $26,420 and you want to save 20% in 1 year. This means you need to save $5,284 to have your down payment. To help make it easier you need to save a little over $100 a week. Maybe this means buying off brand groceries instead of name brand. Additionally, if you are used to eating out two to three times a week, you can cut out one of these meals. Once you find ways to cut expenses, save the money that you would have spent and put it into a separate account to help you track your progress.


As we wrap up our journey, we encourage you to choose a financial adventure where saving becomes more than a routine – it becomes a welcome challenge. The 52-Week Challenge, Round-Up Rumble, and The Reverse Savings Race are not just strategies; they’re gateways to transforming your relationship with money. With each game, you’re not just saving dollars; you’re gaining financial wisdom and setting new records of fiscal accomplishment. Let the thrill of these challenges guide you on a path where every contribution is a move towards victory, and every financial goal achieved is a level up in your personal savings game. Join us in making the journey to financial success an exhilarating adventure where saving money becomes a source of excitement, not just for today but for a future filled with triumphs and financial well-being.

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