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The Coach

If anyone would know the value of teamwork and long-term thinking, it’s Bill Clark. He was the head coach of UAB football at a time when UAB football ceased to exist. When bringing the Blazers back to the field, he credits Legacy as one of his strongest assets.

Of course, we leaped to the challenge. After all, Legacy and UAB are partners. So we rolled up our sleeves and asked, “How can we help?” The rest is history. With the support of Legacy, as well as other corporate and governmental partners, Bill Clark was able to pull off a breathtaking feat—the resurrection of a football program that was given up for dead. Not only that, but he guided them to winning seasons, bowl games, and a Conference USA championship in the first two years of the Blazers’ return.

As the official credit union of UAB, we backed Coach Clark at every stage of the game, even building his new covered practice field. Yet there is no doubt that one man led the way for the Blazers’ return. He called the plays. All we did was to put our team into action.

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