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Which Checking Account is Right for You?

Everyone knows that having a Checking Account is a vital part of your everyday financial world. But as you try to Craft Your Legacy, how do you know which account is right for you?

When looking for a checking account you must examine the individual needs for your lifestyle.  How often will you use this account?  What balance do you like to keep in a checking account? Do you plan to write checks or just use your debit card?

Some other things to consider when choosing a checking account:

Monthly Fee.

In the financial marketplace, checking account service charges can vary from $0 to $12 per month, or more.  Does your account require a monthly service charge? If so, is this a fixed monthly fee (the same amount each month regardless of activity)? Is the monthly fee tied to a minimum balance requirement? There are some free checking accounts, and some may even come with additional features, such as paying you interest, if certain conditions are met.

Interest Rate.

Some checking accounts may pay interest, if conditions are met. These conditions may be maintaining a minimum balance, having a direct deposit or using your debit card a certain number of times. If the requirements necessary to earn interest compliment your lifestyle, this may be a good option.

Debit Cards.

Debit cards are an essential part of a checking account. They help you navigate the financial world without the need of carrying cash or checks. When researching this feature of a checking account, ask: Is there an Issuance fee? An Annual fee? A Replacement fee? Does it have security features to protect against identity theft?  Understanding the features of your Debit Card will aid in the successful management of your checking account.

Mobile Banking.

Mobile banking allows you to access your checking account from your Smartphone or tablet.  Mobile banking allows you to pay bills online, transfer funds between accounts, and manage your finances through text and/or email alerts.  The on-the-go nature of Mobile banking is a great feature for individuals with a busy lifestyle.

Working to Craft Your Legacy is much easier once you find the right checking account for your lifestyle. Take time to research all of the features and benefits of checking accounts and choose the one that is Right For You.

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