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Perks of Being a College Student

College is an exciting time filled with new experiences, educational growth, and the pursuit of future ambitions. While it’s often associated with the challenges of balancing coursework and social life, it is also a unique period for students to develop crucial life skills, including financial responsibility. In this blog, we’ll explore the perks of being a college student from a financial perspective, highlight how you can save money, make smart financial choices, and set yourself up for a secure future.


Discounted Subscriptions

  • Amazon Students: College students can access Amazon Students for 6-months absolutely free. It has many of the benefits as Amazon Prime. You get instant video, music, plus free two-day shipping. When the 6-month trial ends, Amazon Students is 50% off the price of Amazon Prime.
  • Hulu: You can get a discounted subscription to Hulu and watch your favorite shows whenever you want. Students receive a 75% discount on the ad-supported plan as long as they’re enrolled in college.
  • Spotify Premium Students: Spotify Premium offers their first month free, and just $5 for an ad-free plan that includes Hulu (ad-supported). Whereas nonstudents pay a minimum of $10/month for Spotify and $8/month for Hulu.  
  • Microsoft: College and university students are eligible for up to 10% off select products and discounted Microsoft 365 (premium apps and storage).


Student Credit Cards

There are only a few ways to build your credit score as a student in college. The most common way is a student credit card. A student credit card allows you to make purchases and pay back over time to help improve their credit score. But before you sign up for just any credit card, there are a few things to review:

  1. Interest Rates: The average interest rate on a student credit card is 23% (LendingTree). Legacy’s student card, however, has a fixed rate of 12.9% APR*.
  2. Credit Limit: Utilization makes up about 30% of your credit score. Therefore, by maxing out your credit card can be the easiest way to drive yourself into debt and hurt your overall credit score. Legacy’s student cards offer a $500 credit limit to help ease students into managing their credit card responsibly.
  3. Additional Fees: Be sure to look for a credit card with no annual fees. Most student credit cards, including Legacy’s, have no annual fees to help make it easier for students to manage their money.


Additional Ways to Save Money

  • College Nights: Whether it’s the movie theaters or your local pizza restaurant, many local businesses offer special college nights where students can save money just by showing your student ID. Most places offer this advantage, so it never hurts to ask if they offer a discount.
  • Textbooks: Despite popular opinion, there are ways to save money on textbooks. Instead of purchasing a new textbook that you may only use 5-10 times a semester, try renting a textbook, or purchasing the digital copy. Websites like Chegg help offer big savings for renting and buying books.
  • Gyms: Most campuses have a recreation center with free access for students. But if you prefer an outside gym, many offer student discounts. 24-hour gyms such as Planet Fitness and Gold’s Gym offer student discounts at select locations across the country.


By taking advantage of discounted subscriptions, student credit cards, and other money-saving opportunities, you can stretch your budget further and set the stage for a brighter financial future. Remember to keep an eye out for exclusive student discounts, compare prices, and make informed decisions. Embrace the perks of being a college student, and let your financial journey begin!

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