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Equifax Data Compromise

Equifax, one of the three primary credit bureaus in the U.S., announced on September 7, 2017 that their data systems were compromised by hackers earlier this year, potentially exposing the personal information of up to 143 million Americans.  Although Legacy is in no way involved in the Equifax data breach, we are aware that some of our members may be affected, and we want to proactively provide information that may be helpful to our members as they determine any action that may be appropriate.

Equifax has created a dedicated website,, which will allow consumers to verify whether their personal information may have been accessed.  The site will also allow consumers to enroll in a complimentary program that Equifax is offering to provide credit monitoring and other tools for the next year.

Again, Legacy is not a part of the Equifax data breach, but we know that the personal information of our members is highly sensitive, and it is always our goal to help insure that it is protected. 

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