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Announcing the launch of the Craft Your Legacy Scholarship

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Craft Your Legacy Scholarship presented by Legacy Credit Union, a new $2,500 scholarship available now through the UAB Alumni Society. This scholarship is available to a University of Alabama at Birmingham undergraduate or graduate student who is looking to further their academic career and would otherwise face financial difficulty.

Legacy Credit Union has remained committed to UAB since 1955, when we emerged as University Credit Union. Since then, we have sought out ways to make that commitment visible to the Birmingham community. Contributing to the growth strategy of our communities and investing in financial education has been a consistent priority for Legacy. During 2022, Legacy moved education in all forms to be a top priority and incorporated it into our set of core values. Today, we are taking that commitment to a better kind of growth one step further.

In 2021, Legacy joined efforts with the UAB Alumni Society to sponsor and launch their Growing up Green and Gold program. Growing Up Green & Gold is presented by Legacy Credit Union and provides an engagement opportunity that will excite children and grandchildren of alumni about their future at UAB through many of life’s important milestones. From the time they are born until they turn 16, the NAS will help celebrate these achievements with Blazer birthday cards, biennial gifts throughout childhood, and invitation to UAB events. When it comes to choosing a college, they will have UAB as a starting point for their search and can additionally turn to Legacy for support of their dreams.

Link to Scholarship Info & Application: Craft Your Legacy Scholarship

Full Press Release: Craft Your Legacy Scholarship Announcement

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