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Legacy Announces Brand Ambassadors for Q1

The purpose of the Brand Ambassador Program is to highlight employees who represent Legacy’s Core Values of Excellence, Education, Energy, and Empowerment. Legacy employees submit nominations, and a committee selects one ambassador per core value each quarter.

We are pleased to announce the selection of our Quarter 1 Legacy Brand Ambassadors.

Excellence- Taylor Skinner
Taylor is a Member Service Coordinator at our Main Office and has been with Legacy for over 3 years. In her nominations, she was described as “always helping” and “excellent across the board.” Taylor was praised for her spirit, positive attitude, and patience. She was also highlighted as caring, attentive, hard-working, dedicated, and possessing impressive problem-solving skills. When asked how she would describe her time at Legacy she said, “I thoroughly enjoy my work at Legacy! I love helping members in any way that I can, teaching and helping my co-workers.”

Education- Savannah Earley
Savannah is a Branch Manager II at our UAB branch and has been with Legacy for 8 years. Savannah was noted as being an advocate for education for both herself and those around her. She was described as an “outstanding teacher,” with qualities of being innovative, informative, helpful, and intellectual. Her nominators highlighted her commitment to sharing her knowledge with her team, coworkers, and members. “She puts great pride in developing her team on a day-to-day basis. They are lucky! Savannah is a very bright and creative mind in our industry.” said Emmett Colston, AVP of Branch Operations. When asked how she felt about her nomination, Savannah said, “I am flattered to be nominated as the Education Brand Ambassador. I am very passionate about the development and growth of our future leaders. I enjoy learning new things and being able to share any knowledge I gather with others. I view myself as a student of life because I am always trying to understand things and how they work- especially people. I was the kid that enjoyed school and I continue to enjoy learning. Education is about cultivating an environment to help everyone reach their highest potential by providing them with the necessary tools. Being a branch manager gives me the opportunity to lead and guide others but also continue to learn from everyone around me.”

Energy- Shaina Jackson
Shaina is a Member Services Coordinator and has been with Legacy for 2 and a half years. Shaina’s contagious positivity stood out to her nominators. She was described as “kind, amazing, helpful, and passionate.” She was noted as making a positive impact on all those she interacts with. When asked how it felt to be nominated by her peers, Shaina said, “’It always seems impossible until it’s done!’ I have grown to love this quote so much. It makes me realize that with everything that I stress or overthink concerning a difficult task on the job, I think it is impossible to accomplish until I actually do it; then makes it all worthwhile.” Shaina’s manager, Savannah Earley described her as “One of the most kind, compassionate, and determined people that I have ever met. The positive energy that she brings to the table is infectious and felt by everyone near her. I have had the honor of working with her for quite some time and have watched her grow, adapt, and thrive. She has become a leader while continuing to work on her own growth and development.”

Haley White- Empowerment
Haley is a Branch Manager at our Homewood Branch and has been with Legacy for 12 years. Haley was highlighted for her ability to empower those around her to make decisions and tackle challenging situations. She was described as “helpful and reassuring.” She is open to new ideas and encourages others to speak up to share their ideas. Haley is known for being willing to share her knowledge and expertise, while building up the confidence in those around her. Emmett Colston, AVP of Branch Administration described Haley as “well-rounded and a wonderful example of our Core Values.” When asked how she felt about her nomination, Haley said, “I was completely shocked to be nominated! Legacy is such a wonderful place to work. Day in and day out, I feel empowered to make some tough decisions and tackle various situations. I want my team to also feel empowered at work. I always try to encourage them to speak up and share their thoughts as well. I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today without our upper management giving me the opportunities I have been given, and for encouraging me to learn new things! Legacy truly is people caring about people.”

Congratulations to our new Legacy Brand Ambassadors! Our quarterly winners will receive a Lands’ End Program Certificate to purchase new Legacy apparel, lunch on Legacy, recognition at the Legacy Christmas Party, and a Certificate of Achievement. In December, employees will vote from the pool of our quarterly winners to choose a 2024 Brand Ambassador of the Year for each Core Value. Our yearly winners will receive a bonus vacation day, a group lunch with senior management, and a plaque. The yearly Brand Ambassador winners will be announced at the Legacy Christmas party.

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