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Which Checking Account is Right for You?

In 2022, Legacy announced many new and exciting things to support our members. One of those many things was the launch of our new checking accounts, Engage and Everyday. The Engage and Everyday Checking accounts are a simplified version of our Premier and Premier Cash Back accounts. Since the conversion from Premier and Premier Cash Back accounts at the end of 2022, all checking accounts are now either the Engage or Everyday accounts. However, you may still have questions about the differences between the checking options and may even wonder, which option is right for you?


The Everyday Checking account is not like your “big bank” checking account. One of the major benefits of it, is it has no monthly fees and no minimum balance. Once you open your checking account in our branches, you’ll receive your instant-issued debit card that allows you to use your debit card immediately. All Everyday Checking accounts are also eligible to get paid up to two days early with direct deposits. Through our new Money Pass ATM network, our members now have access to over 40,000 fee-free ATMs across the country.


The Engage Checking account is everything that the Everyday account is plus more. The Engage Checking account offers members to earn based on how much they interact with Legacy as their primary financial institution. Members can earn up to 3.00% APY* on up to $15,000 if they meet the monthly qualifications of an Engage Checking account. The monthly qualifications are as follows: 1) 20+ posted debit card transaction**, 2) $500 or more in ACH/direct deposits each month, and 3) Login to Digital Banking (online or mobile app) once per month.


There are additional benefits that both checking options offer. One option is our Incentive Savings Club program. When you enroll into Incentive Savings, Legacy will round up the amount of any debit card purchases associated with your checking account to the next whole dollar amount and transfer that amount in excess of the purchase amount from your checking account to your Incentive Savings Club account. The best part, eligible accounts can earn 5.00% interest on your savings for the first $1,000 saved. Legacy also offers their own digital banking app that allows you to stay in control and access all of your accounts at anytime, anywhere. Though the digital banking app, you can also deposit checks remotely, make transfers,


If you have any questions about the Engage or Everyday Checking accounts, visit one of our local branches or email [email protected]

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