Electronic Banking

Bank on your computer or your mobile phone. With the convenience of Legacy Connect and Legacy Mobile, you're never far away from your finances.

Legacy Connect

Make the most of your time with our convenient on-the-go banking services. With Legacy Connect, you have Internet access to your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Legacy Connect empowers you to do transactions from anywhere you can get on the internet. Most online transactions are effective immediately and include benefits such as:

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Legacy Mobile

Mobile Banking allows you to transfer funds between your accounts, check your account balances and history, set up email and/or text alerts for various types of account activity and more. Legacy Mobile works for you anytime and anywhere, the way you want to bank. Register your account here.

Troubleshooting with Home and Mobile Banking

After August 11, 2015, Legacy will no longer offer the Web Connect for Quicken or Quickbooks. We are upgrading to the more current version of Intuit, Direct Connect. To update your Quicken and Quickbooks applications, follow the instructions listed below based on your PC software version and the product you have with Intuit (Quicken or Quickbooks).

If you have followed the conversion instructions and are experiencing duplicate transactions, duplicate accounts, or you activated an incorrect account, click on the appropriate link below.

For additional information about our new Home and Mobile Banking, please look in our FAQ’s. If you are still experiencing issues, please feel free to contact our Call Center at 205-930-5000 or 1-800-828-0103.

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