Convenience Services

From direct deposit to electronic and mobile banking, we have the convenient services to help you through your busy day.

Direct Deposit

This service allows you to have recurring deposits from your employer, Social Security, retirement, disability, investment income, etc. to be automatically deposited into your credit union account. Please call the Member Service center (205) 930-5000 to see how you can get started with Direct Deposit.

Payroll Deduction

Enjoy putting away for savings, making a loan payment, starting a Christmas Club account, or all three with easy Payroll Deduction. You decide how much money you want going into each account, and the money will be automatically deducted from your paycheck and electronically deposited into your account. You have the flexibility with this service to change your deductions at anytime. Just call the Member Service Center at (205) 930-5000 to request a Payroll Deduction form or ask any of our staff the next time you are at a branch.

Instant-Issue VISA Debit Card

This debit card comes FREE with Legacy Checking accounts for qualified members. It operates with a dual purpose; it is your ATM card as well as point-of-purchase at merchants who accept VISA products. At an ATM, just put in your PIN and request the amount of cash you need. When you swipe the card at a store, it works like a check and the charges are deducted directly from your checking account and are accounted for on your monthly statement. You can also get cash back at a merchant at no charge. What could be better than one card that acts as an ATM and a debit card? Call (205) 930-5000 to apply for your VISA debit card.

ATM Cards

We also offer ATM cards for savings accounts. We have ATMs all over the Birmingham area and your card can be used at any STAR ATM nationwide. Click here to get a listing of Legacy ATM locations in Birmingham.

VISA Gift Cards
  • Purchase VISA Gift Cards at any Legacy Branch.
  • Legacy VISA Gift Cards are Non-Reloadable
  • Accepted Anywhere VISA Prepaid (debit) cards are accepted
  • $3 Fee Per Card
  • Must Choose �Credit� When Making Purchases (Cards Do Not Have a Pin #)
  • Register Cards at mygiftcardmanager.com (for Lost or Stolen Cards)
  • See terms & conditions sheet that comes with card for more details

Enjoy checking your balance, transferring money from one account to another, receiving history of your account or verifying the status of a check from anywhere using our automated telephone system. It is a convenient way to access your account and nearly all transactions are processed instantly. Call: (205) 715-2301 or (800) 910-4801

Legacy Connect

Make the most of your time with our convenient on-the-go banking services. With Legacy Connect, you have Internet access to your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Legacy Connect empowers you to do transactions from anywhere you can get the internet.

Mobile Banking

You can access your Legacy accounts 24/7 from anywhere. Mobile Banking allows you to transfer funds between your accounts, check your account balances and history, set up email and/or text alerts for various types of account activity and more. Legacy Mobile works for you anytime and anywhere, the way you want to bank.

Legacy also offers Remote Deposit Capture, which is a convenient deposit service that allows you to use Legacy's Mobile Banking Application to make check deposits from any location with secure Internet access. No software or special equipment is required.

Additional Services
  • Money Orders
  • Cashier's Checks
  • Notary Service
  • Safe Deposit boxes

Contact our Member Service Center at (205) 930-5000 for complete information on these services or visit a branch location.